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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Bold developments, beautiful skyline, barren desert, picturesque beaches, adventurous outdoor activities, and gregarious festivals- Dubai is a city of excellent charm. Each month it tables something unusual and amazing to its varied travelers.

So, before you head towards witnessing the magic of this rich emirate, know a perfect time. Know the right season and month when your demands are fulfilled by the city.

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Here is the ultimate guide to the best time to visit Dubai broken into categories that travelers asked for-

1. Best Time for Enjoying Outdoors

Dubai has bountiful of activities and attractions, but only one season- hot and dry. However, there are months when it isn't scorching making it ideal for vacationers to go all out and live their life to fullest. These months are November to March. The weather is pleasant and suitable for any kind of outdoor adventure. The adrenaline junkies could go hanging on the world's largest urban zipline, skydive in Palm Jumeirah, do flyboarding and soar at 4,000 ft in the hot air balloon in the morning desert safari. While the families could splash the fun at theme parks and beaches, the couples could laze at private beaches.

Blue skies, gentle breeze, bright sunshine, and mildly colder evenings, make it ideal for snapping pictures, unwinding on beaches, picnicking in parks, or dining in alfresco restaurants.

Needless to say, this is the peak season of Dubai and thus, the hotels surge the prices leaving it to be one of the fanciest and expensive places in the world.

2. Best Time to Join Festivals

December to February are the coolest months. The city is alive and kicking with a huge tourist flow. Besides the weather, the other motivation for pulling crowd is the interesting array of winter festivals. New Year's Eve is an epic party in Dubai celebrated citywide. The atmosphere is electrifying. It holds celebrity performances, scrumptious food platter, breathtaking fireworks, and amusing concerts.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an extravagant affair where shoppers from around the world gather and participate in this month-long annual event. Featuring blockbuster discounts and sales on some of the most coveted brands across the malls to small stores, the festival is the perfect hunt for retail therapy. Following is the Dubai Jazz festival, which is an eclectic gala covering all categories like contemporary, fusion, modern, and rock. There are dozens of other exhilarating events riping to burst like Dubai Marathon, National Day, Dubai International Film Festival and more. This month also sees 16 international rugby teams competing on the ground in the Dubai Rugby Seasons.

3. Best Time for Affordable Hotels

The months of April, May, and June see dull footfall. The definite reason is the weather. The days hit 40 degrees Celsius, sometimes even 50s. It could be hot even at night. And the entire city practically goes into hibernation. Many a time the holy month of Ramadan falls during this period. But this heat packs a punch for the travelers who are looking to avoid crowds and bask in peace. This low season thus has a fall in the prices of hotels, restaurants, spas and other activities, suited for backpackers. There are heavy discounts everywhere to enjoy.

Nevertheless, it could be far too summery for outdoor vacations, but the indoors could be fun. The malls, hotels, and resorts are air-conditioned, so, you can duck into these destinations and beat the heat. Dubai Mall is brimming with entertainment zones, from KidZania and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to Reel Cinemas and VR Parks. The Dubai Ice Rink in the Dubai Mall and the Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates give you the feels of snowy winters in the middle of the desert.

So, apply a slap of sunscreen, wear the hat and don a sunglass for blocking the sun.

4. Best Time to Go Shopping

Dubai has an undisputable reputation for being a shopping hub. The previous points have mentioned the name of the Dubai Shopping Festival, celebrated in the month of December-January with huge pomp and show. This is a citywide bonanza where bigger malls to small retail outlets participate. The malls and their showrooms are flooded with the top brands from across the world, putting up huge discounts, big raffles, and massive savings. Along with a jaw-dropping discount of 90%, there are fashion shows, kids’ fairs, food fests, fireworks and more.

The next best time to travel to Dubai for shopping in the emirate is Dubai Summer Surprises. A wide range of retailers offers special shop-and-win promotions and attractive discounts for 45 days in June and July. To engage the little ones, there are cartoon character shows, fun games, interactive workshops, and delicious food. Partnering with DSS, the city arranges the attraction, event, and activity at great deals for tourists to cruise more in less budget.

5. Best Time for Honeymooners

Dubai is a destination for romance, luxury, adventure and more. Be it honeymoons or anniversaries, couples love staying in the luxurious resorts sprinkled around the city, which have deluxe rooms, comfy dining areas, private pools, and unparalleled services. Moreover, the couples can laze around pools, plan a beach celebration, dine in the exotic restaurants, surf the sand, sleep under the sky in tents, visit local markets and go for walk in the soothing climate in Dubai. This is favorable during December, January, and February. The city is at its best and reveling with splendid activities.

6. Best Time as per the Climate

January: 15°C - 25°C

February: 6°C - 26°C

March: 18°C - 29°C

April: 22°C - 33°C

May: 26°C - 38°C

June: 28°C - 40°C

July: 31°C - 41°C

August: 31°C - 42°C

September: 28°C - 39°C

October: 25°C - 36°C

November: 21°C - 31°C

December: 17°C - 26°C


Skyscrapers, sun, and sand, Dubai is a fun place to hang out. While November to February calls for a thrilling vacation when the weather and landscape look pretty, March, April, September, and October invites the budget travelers as well as people who want to have a laidback vacation. Go ahead, pack your bags and fly to this fairytale.