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Five Easy Tips to International Travel... Post-Quarantine

Once borders begin opening up again, and it is safe to travel, there is a whole world of options to go see. From the depths of the Amazon to the top of Tokyo Tower, the world is your oyster. If you are feeling anxious, or perhaps overwhelmed with choices, follow this guide to help you re-enter the world of travel.

Find Your Ticket

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions to ask before you travel is where to first. Choosing where you want to go should rely on a few key factors: time, costs and interest. Setting your schedule for your trip will determine the rest of your plans, from your expenses through what you will do while there. When you are determining the cost, think about your tickets, where you will stay, and what you want to do while there. Finally, don’t forget to factor in what your interest is. Just because a ticket is available at a price and schedule you like, doesn’t mean you should book it. Be sure to go somewhere where you can enjoy your much-needed vacation.

Get Your Packing List in Order

Now that your trip is booked, you need to prepare your packing list. When packing, there are six key items: wallet, cellphone, keys, passport, converter and charger. With these in hand, everything else is replaceable. When choosing a converter, check what the voltage requirements are as electrical transformers vary for different countries. After these six items are packed and ready, think about what you will be doing while on your vacation, to help you plan accordingly. Remember, no matter what you pack you will need to carry it with you as you go.

Plan for Travel Time

From arriving early to the airport to potential layovers, the time involved in international travel is more than you may remember. To help you maximize this time, make a plan for activities to prepare for your vacation, and be sure to include key travel accessories to carry with you. For example, if you are looking for comfort while on the flight, a neck pillow and compression socks will provide it. Any plan should include a battery pack to help you keep your electronics going. Finally, be sure to include some disinfecting wipes and a travel-size hand sanitizer; just because quarantine has ended does not mean you can play it fast and loose with your cleaning ritual.

Stay Healthy Without Missing Out

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how to stay healthy while traveling. To do this, try including simple things such as washing your hands frequently, staying socially distanced from someone who appears sick and keeping hydrated. However, you will also want to be conscientious about what you are eating, keeping track of your sleep cycle and getting in some immune boosters to help your body stay healthy and fit no matter where in the world you are. Staying on top of your health, even when traveling, will help you get the most out of your vacation and avoid getting stuck at your hotel.

Register for Global Entry

While you wait for quarantine to lift, consider registering for the Global Entry program. This provides you an expedited entry through the US Customs border. To qualify, you will need to register for an interview at one of the enrollment centers and undergo a rigorous background check. Once you receive your Global Entry, you can expect to go through an expedited line at customs, perfect for avoiding lingering in large crowds. With your Global Entry in hand, you will find your returns to the US quick and easy.

Whenever travel restrictions lift, take advantage of this amazing planet and see what is out there waiting for you. There are always new places and new events you may have missed before. Take the time to do some research now as you get ready for the adventure to come.