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The Only Travel Packing Checklist You'll Ever Need

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Summers are here! We all love traveling in the summers. Don’t we? Islands and beaches are all we need in summers. Unfortunately, not everyone has Islands around them, which is why traveling in summers has increased over these years.

However, Tourism is on hold during this pandemic. It has changed the world, also affecting tourism at large. Although there are restrictions over the world, you can still travel to some places.

But wait! Before you start on your journey, take a look at what you are packing. Most of us pack too much and end up lugging around big suitcases on our journey.

To help you avoid the hassle, I am listing down a few items and information you need to know before traveling.

1. Clothes

  • Swimwear

What will you do on an island without a swimsuit? Traveling to a beach is only a waste of money if you can’t enjoy the water. And swimming is incomplete without a swimsuit.

  • Kaftan

The easy and flowy outfits are best to carry for vacations. What is more, Kaftans only take a little space in your bag.

  • Underwear

Underwear is an essential hygiene item in your bag. Don’t forget to pack 6-7 pairs of underwear.

  • T.Shirts

Shirts are always in need. The more the shirts the less you worry. T-shirts don’t take up a lot of space so don’t be afraid to pack a few extras. The rule of thumb is to pack 1 more T-shirt than the number of vacation days.

  • Pants, trousers, and Shorts

Pack 2 pairs of jeans and one semi-formal pair of trousers for your holiday. You don’t want to wear tight jeans all the time on vacation, so shorts are a great option if you are traveling to a sunny area. Shorts take less space as well.

2. Toiletries

· Sun Screen

The worst thing that can happen to you is skin burn. You don’t want to regret traveling. As much as we love summers for traveling, the sun is also an issue. You have to protect yourself from the burning sun in sunny locations.

Sun Screen is the only rescue you have. The first thing you need to put in your bag is your sunscreen. You can’t afford to forget your sunscreen.

  • Bug Spray

Bug spray is a lifesaver! Especially in humid clients where mosquitoes and bugs are in abundance. It is always convenient to have your bug spray handy.

  • Deodorant

The last thing you want is to smell bad while traveling. Keep a pair of two good deodorants. You can alternate between these items as your choice.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

You never know if the shampoo you use is available at your destination or not. To avoid any inconvenience, add travel-sized bottles to your luggage.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only make you look good but also give your eyes protection from the sun. A sunglasses case is a must to have while traveling.

3. Footwear

  • Sandals and Flip Flops

The right shoes are as important as clothes. Most people tend to pack their best shoes when going on vacation. Our suggestion? Pack two pairs of your most comfortable shoes. You will thank us while you are sight-seeing on foot and have been trekking mountains all morning! You may also pack one pair of formal shoes and slippers.

4. Accessories

  • Camera

You will love to revisit the memories you create on your holidays. While we all have our phone cameras, you will do well to buy specialized cameras to capture the beautiful sceneries your vacation spot has to offer!

  • Hat

Hats are usually a representative of vacations. We often see people wearing different types of hats on their holidays. If you don’t want to feel left out, keep a hat.

5. Miscellaneous Items

  • Extra Bags

Extra bags are always helpful. You can divide your dry and wet clothes. Don’t forget to put some extra unused bags.

  • Travel-friendly Cleaning Gadgets

If you are a cleanliness freak, it is always convenient to carry your cleaning gadgets while traveling. These gadgets may help in:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Clothes Cleaning

One of the handiest products is a robot vacuum. It is simple to use and straightforward to hold. The best part is you can pack it in your luggage. When you arrive at your destination, give the carpets in your hotel room a thorough cleaning. Better safe than sorry!

You can also bring a sanitizer wand, cleaning wipes, and laundry bags to keep your stuff clean while on holiday.

6. Safety Items

· First Aid Kit

Packing a first aid kit is necessary. Add up all the essential items in the kit, such as bandages, sterile gauze dressings, medicine, etc.

· Sunburn Relief

No matter how much sunscreen you use, you still have chances of sunburn. If you an extra sensitive skin, sunburn relief medication is a must for you.

· Multivitamin

Feeling weak is not an option while traveling. What is the point in traveling if you cannot carry on with your trip? Keep a bottle of multivitamins. It helps you stay energetic and healthy.

· Painkiller

You can have a fever or a headache. It has no timing. Having a painkiller is always handy.

7. Travel Documents

Make a small additional bag to keep your documents. As documents are often required again and again while traveling, it is easier to have a separate bag for them.

· Passport

Never forget your passport. You can’t travel outside the country without your passport. Keep it in the most secure area of the bag.

· Maps

Carry the maps of the places you want to visit. Maps will guide you the way throughout your trip. It will save your time and energy. Your chances of getting lost are very few if you have a map.

  • Copies of all the Documents

It is wise to get a copy of the original documents. In case you lose your documents, the copies will help.

  • Credit Cards

What will you do on a trip without money? Make sure that your credit and cash cards are working before you leave. Visit a bank to ensure.

Final Words: Travel Packing Checklist

I hope I have made it easy for you to travel. The only thing you have to do is go through this article once. You also need to know the items you don’t require to avoid over-packing.

If you are traveling during the pandemic, be careful. The most important thing to need to keep in mind is taking precautions for Covid-19.

Enjoy your Travel!