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Tips for Your First Adventure Abroad

Going travelling is exciting, particularly when you probably haven’t been able to get away during the last year! The excitement you feel when you arrive at the airport for what seems like decades before your flight, boarding pass in your hands and it’s going to be even more exciting after not stepping in an airport for almost a year, for most of us.

Everyone needs to start somewhere when it comes to taking the leap and going on your travels. We, therefore, thought it would be useful to share our top 5 tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when you embark on your first adventure.

Don’t overpack

I am an over-packer, I go away for a couple of weeks in Spain and you would think I was off to Thailand to do a gap year. If you are going away for a week or two, all you need is carry-on luggage, it’s just not worth paying for extra baggage. If you are going on a girls holiday and you really think you need more than just a carry on bag speak to your friends, see if they are down for sharing a suitcase in the hold between 2 or 3 of you.

Who will you be travelling with?

One of the most important aspects of your adventure is who you are going to be travelling with. Perhaps you are off on a solo adventure, but even still you will be meeting people on your travels. It is extremely important to be wise about who you invite to go travelling with you. For example, I have done multiple trips with my sisters as we all get along together, don’t choose to go travelling with someone who you can only be around for a few hours at a time, it might turn into a rather unenjoyable experience. However, it is true that travelling together really helps you to get to know a person, this might therefore be the bonding experience that you needed!

Plan how you’ll get to/around your destination

Unfortunately, once you get to a location more travelling is often involved. Whether this is getting from the airport to where you are staying, exploring surrounding cities or moving on to the next country if you are doing a trip with multiple stops.

Before you even land at your destination make sure you have planned your next mode of transportation, whether this is a taxi to the hotel or a bus make sure you know how you are getting there. When you step outside an airport there will be multiple cars in the taxi rank, however never get into a taxi that you haven’t already booked or called, you will likely be handed a hefty taxi bill at the end of your journey.

Make sure you have saved enough money before going travelling, whether this is through a part-time job alongside your studies or from a seasonal, summer job.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Of course, when you arrive you will want to visit and explore the sights and tourist destinations, that is why you have come here, right? However, don’t get too carried away and make it the whole part of your trip. Tourist attractions are expensive and so are the surrounding food and drink places. Instead, explore local areas, research blogs and articles where the locals eat, drink and explore their neighbourhoods, they’re the ones who truly know the city. In return, you will end up spending a lot less money and enjoy a much more authentic experience rather than being surrounded by fellow tourists.

Take phots, not souvenirs

We all love to pick up the odd souvenir, whether it’s a fridge magnet for your Grandma and Granddad or a postcard for your friends, try not to go overboard with the souvenir shops. They often end up costing far more money than they are actually worth, and are just another thing you have to pack into your suitcase on your flight home. Instead, take as many photos as you can. Capture the memories because this is your first trip! You can even make personalised cards to send to your family and friends back home using all the pictures you have taken. I can guarantee it is the photos you will want to look back on in years to come not an over-priced fridge magnet.

Travelling is a great thing to do as a student and you will learn a variety of life skills as well as creating thousands of memories and lots of new friends!