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What To Expect When Travelling To Scotland

Planning on travelling around Scotland? Here are some great tips on how to get the most from your experience.

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1. Drinking is an Unofficial National Past Time

If you are planning on visiting Scotland in the near future, there two key things you need to know about the Scotts’… First, they are some of the friendliest and easiest people to get along with on the planet, and second, they love their booze. While in the country, you can expect to hear locals repeating the classic lines, “Oh, it’s just a wee drink” and “How ‘bout a wee dram o’ whisky.”

Although the Scotts love their Scotch – An amazing spirit which is a source of immense national pride, they do not imbibe it on a daily basis. In fact, today most of the people in the country mostly drink beer and gin. During our stay there, we got to make a lot of friends over drinks as we swapped stories on our experiences when on Safari in Africa.

2. Prepare to be Amazed by the Idyllic and Scenic Landscapes

If you planning to take on the sights in Scotland by going on a road trip, be ready to say ‘wow’ repeatedly. The rugged mountain slopes as well as the surrounding landscape is washed with swathes of thick and beautiful heather that seems to a green and purple landscape.

In all the places that we toured across the country, the Scottish Highlands made the greatest impression on our minds due to their allure and beauty. Inverness is the best base for exploring the Highlands and you can take a look at this site to find Inverness hotels to help you do this.

When planning our visit to Scotland, we were unprepared for the beautiful landscapes, the beautiful highlands, and the scenic Isle of Skye. Trust me, we had barely travelled an hour from Edinburg before we all took our cameras out to capture the beauty lying before use.

3. You Can Go Virtually Anywhere!

One amazing thing about Scotland is that the word trespassing only exists in dictionaries. Every individual has a right to roam across the countryside including in private farms. The ‘right to roam’ in the country gives every individual a right to access public property or even public property for recreational purposes.

However, the ‘right to roam’ is subject to some restrictions. For example, you cannot saunter into a person’s garden and home. Additionally, you cannot also go loitering around military installations. However, you can enjoy the land and use any water sources on the land for your personal wellbeing. The only requirement is that you use the freedom to roam responsibly and safely.

When you visit Scotland, just take sure to ensure you lock the gate so that the livestock in the farm do no scatter and then you are free to partake in your favorite recreational activities.

4. Online Photos Do Not Do the Weather Patterns Justice

Despite some of the alluring photos you will come across the web (Yes, we are guilty as charged), Scotland has very notorious weather patterns. When travelling to the country, expect lots of clouds, wind, rain, fog and sideways rain. Matter of fact, the rain only comes out occasionally. If you were planning on getting a natural sun tan on your next trip to Scotland, you may want to start making alternative plans. When packing, ensure that you include at least one lightweight rain coat as well as a pair of waterproof boots.

Here’s another tip… Leave your umbrella in your closet! An umbrella + The Scottish wind = A bad vacation. If you want a comprehensive list of the items that we recommend that you pack for your trip to Scotland, we have a guide here.

5. Get Ready to Experience Freedom

As home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is no wonder that there is a healthy amount of Scottish pride everywhere you look these days. On landing in the country, the many Scottish flags flapping in the wind and the rich culture on display around every corner will definitely get you in the Scottish mood.