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10 Things You Won't Want to Forget When You Travel This Summer

User submitted photo of United States of AmericaTraveling can be hard on your body, especially if you're making a cross-country road trip or taking an extended vacation to another state or country. There are many common issues women experience during travel that can be alleviated with a little careful planning. Here are 10 things you must not forget while traveling this summer.

1. Moisturizer

Travel can make you feel tired. This is because even though travel is supposed to be an entirely enjoyable experience, it does cause some minor stress. You may be stressed before the trip, worried that everything will be taken care of at home, and worried that you'll forget to pack something important, like essential medicine or your cell phone.

Then, when you're on the road, you may worry about accidents or getting lost. There's so much to concern yourself with it can make you look tired, but especially on your face. You can definitely do something for your face. Don't forget to pack a moisturizer, such as the City Beauty Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, that will help ease those fine lines and give your skin a little lift. You'll look young, beautiful, and worry-free!

2. Lavender Essential Oils

You've taken care of your face, but you also need to take care of the stress that is causing you to look tired in the first place. Lavender can relieve stress and anxiety. It works as an anxiolytic to help you get to a restful state and it also helps you sleep better.

At the end of a long and active day, mix 5 or 6 drops of lavender oil in your bath to give you that calm you need. You can also diffuse it into the air. If you don't like lavender, there are other natural remedies for stress. Try drinking some warm chamomile tea or taking 600 mg of lemon balm.

3. Sun Screen

It's summer, so you're likely to be out in the sun having fun, because that's what you're supposed to do in the summer. And you should, because being outdoors is good for your mental health. But also watch out for the dangers.

You risk getting a sunburn when you're outdoors for prolonged periods of time, but that isn't the only threat to your skin. As the UV rays from the sun hit the outer layers of your skin, they pass into the deeper layers where they can kill skin cells. This leaves you with dry, damaged skin. It also increases your risk later on of developing skin cancer.

Be sure you pack a sunscreen with appropriate SPF protection for your skin type. Also, wear a hat to protect the skin around your eyes since it isn't safe to put sunscreen in that area.

4. Moisturizing Lip Balm

While you're traveling or out in the sun, you don't want to wear a lot of makeup that can feel hot and sticky. Besides, letting your natural beauty shine is a great choice when you want to let loose and enjoy the warm air and outdoors. There is one area you can give a little perk without worrying about stickiness or making your skin feel like it can't breathe, and that's your lips.

Pack a moisturizing lip balm. It'll moisturize your lips while you wear it and protect them from the sun and heat which can cause them to crack and damage. It'll also give your luscious lips a little boost of color and shine. Who doesn't want kissable lips?

5. Fiber

Travel seems to throw the body into a tizzy. Not only are you prone to stress and skin issues, but you also have to worry about constipation. Constipation is common while traveling, but it can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable and could even lessen your enjoyment.

Constipation is caused by not getting enough fiber and fluids. While you travel, you can mismanage your body's needs, especially if the food you're stopping to get doesn't contain enough fiber. To avoid this issue, pack some fruits and vegetables, and when you dine out, choose an option that includes green vegetables. Also, have plenty of water bottles on hand and stay hydrated. Your digestive tract will thank you.

6. The Pedicure

Before you step on the plane or into the packed car, your toenails should be freshly painted and gorgeous. There are few things that are going to give you the confidence that beautiful toes in pretty sandals can accomplish. Pedicures are a small investment in beauty that can last for weeks, and people take notice. Nothing makes you look more refined than the sweet details on your toes.

7. Hand Sanitizer

You never know when another pandemic is going to crop up, and we're still not out of the woods on the current one. Also, when you travel long distances, you may come into contact with viruses your body hasn't yet built an immunity against. Nothing could ruin your vacation faster than becoming ill and having to stay in bed at the hotel rather than getting out and enjoying the scenery.

Pack hand sanitizer and keep it with you as you travel to different places. Use it regularly to keep germs at bay, and avoid touching your face.

8. Zinc

Speaking of immunity, it's also a good time to build yours up. Zinc helps strengthen your immune system so it can fight off any dangers from bacteria and viruses, plus it helps wounds heal faster. Taking a zinc supplement on its own may be too much zinc since you should already get a good dose in your daily diet. Instead, choose a women's vitamin that includes zinc. That should be just enough to supplement your diet and help keep you strong.

9. First Aid Kit

A small accident can happen at any time. What would make it worse is being on the beach and having to travel a long distance to obtain anti-bacterial ointment and a Band-Aid because you stepped on a piece of glass. Choose a first-aid kit that has a variety of supplies, because you can never predict the situation you might find yourself in. You might need tape and gauze if the injury is a bit more serious, and you may need special tweezers to remove a splinter when you get back to your room. Having options will keep you from scrambling and meandering off-course on missions.

10. The Little Black Dress

Hopefully you go someplace special during your trip. Maybe it's a luau, or an intimate dinner, or a cozy club. For all of these situations, pack that little black dress that shows off your long legs and graceful neck line. All modern women of notoriety have utilized this beauty trick, and that's because it works. The wearer turns heads. It's simple, yet elegant. It allows its wearer to make it look great and it returns the favor.

As you embark on your journey, no matter how long or short it may be, being prepared with these tips will make your trip more relaxing, enjoyable and worry-free. Even if you're always the type of gal who doesn't fear letting her hair down now and then, a vacation is your chance to be the version of yourself who is nothing but fun and free. Oh, and there is one last thing you definitely don't want to forget--and that's your smile.