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6 Reasons Why You Should Move to the South

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If you've lived in the northern parts of the United States most of your life, it might seem like a jarring change to visit southern states like Georgia or Texas. But the south is a great place to live for a variety of people at all stages of life, and might just be your next home. Here are a few great reasons for you to move to the south.

1. The Food Scene

If you're a foodie, the south is going to blow you away with what it has to offer. You'll encounter classic southern dishes like fried green tomatoes, collard greens, and fried catfish, and you'll experience how each area has its own take on the classics (and believes theirs is the best). A great way to explore your potential new home is by sampling the barbecue across the southern and southeastern states.

But the south isn't just a place to get high-calorie foods that will clog an artery. Southern states are also a place you can find health and wellness communities, offering everything from juice cleanses to green superfood powder. A balance of decadence and health is more than possible in the south - it's encouraged.

2. Great Colleges

Moving to the south isn't just a great idea for people of the retiring age. If you've got kids you're hoping to send to college, the south is one of the best possible places you can be to send them to the biggest and best colleges in the United States. Colleges like the University of Virginia recognized worldwide for their quality of education and are competitive with Ivy League universities. Growing up in the south will set your kids up for success.

3. Cost of Living

Bustling, popular areas like Los Angeles and New York City have a lot of allure, especially for young people hoping to strike out on their own for the first time. But anyone living in those areas can tell you that the cost of living there is almost prohibitive to their success and happiness.

Sure, some people can be happy living in a studio apartment that costs their whole paycheck, but others would rather have better living conditions at a fraction of the price. And that's a great reason to move south. Not only will your rent most likely be cheaper, but you'll also pay less to go out for food or access childcare. Essentially every aspect of life will become more affordable, making an easier and less stressful lifestyle a possibility for you.

4. Beautiful Scenery

The south is beautiful, and that's a fact. If you're an outdoorsy person, moving south will give you access to beaches, lakes, and mountains all within driving distance. Suddenly you'll be able to get away to the beach for a weekend without having to take PTO or plan months in advance. Depending on where you move, you may be able to go for your morning run up a mountain pass, or around a lake. And all year round, you'll have beautiful scenery outside your window.

5. Better Winters

Particularly if you're moving from a midwestern or northern state, you'll be amazed at the balminess of some southern winters. In places like Southern Florida, you'll experience a winter that requires nothing more than a light jacket on the coldest days. For people prone to seasonal depression, you'll have access to sunlight all year round and won't have to spend days hunched over a sun lamp to get the necessary vitamin D.

6. Southern Hospitality

A cliche often repeated about the south is the hospitable natures of the people living there. But this cliche just so happens to be true. If you're an extroverted person, moving south will give you neighbors that will treat you like family and open their doors to you. Making friends will be easy, and before long you'll know everyone you pass on the street and say hi to in the grocery store.

Considering a change in scenery is always nerve-wracking, and it's important to consider all the possibilities before making a decision. Moving to the south isn't for everyone, but if what you've read here appeals to you, it might be your next home.