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Best selling wax vaporizers in the last decade

The world of vaping has blown the market in recent years, but you may be new to this. With many designs, styles, and a bunch of information all over the internet about wax vape pens may be misleading for you as a newbie. By referring to a wax vape pen, concentrate pen, or dab vaporizer, you are talking about the same thing. The level to which you enjoy your high-quality concentrate is mostly dependent on the quality of your wax pen.

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The wax pen of your choice should be easy to use, discrete and portable. To accomplish all these, we have compiled a list to help you choose the best before pulling a trigger to purchase.

Which wax pen should you go for?

Well, for a perfect answer, read along to take a pick of your choice.

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

It is one of the best selling wax vaporizers on the market today. A single charge can take you upto 30 times. With a simple press of the button, the wax vaporizer heats up to the pre-calibrated ideal temperature.

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition features an e-nail that is powered by a battery. You choose between having a wax vaporizer with a ceramic nail, titanium nail, or a quartz nail. Changing the wax vape modes is easy; for one with a ceramic nail or titanium nail, you press the power button three times. For that, with a quartz nail, you press the power button five times to reach a higher heat setting.

It has an innovative water filtration system to filter the vapor.

KandyPen Prism Plus Vaporizer

KandyPen Prism Plus Vaporizer is compact and trustworthy. It weighs to about 0.4 pounds making it easy to use and vaping your wax while on a walk. It also comes with a couple of glass mouthpieces that do not alter with wax flavor.

Prism plus vaporizer comes with either quartz or ceramic atomizers. The pen has a 320mAh battery, which means it can keep power long enough to be used in transit. KandyPens Prism pens have four temperatures, which are all color-coded.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

It features three atomizers. The Aurora comes stock with one dual quartz atomizer, one dual ceramic atomizer, and one ceramic dual atomizer to give you some variety depending on your vaping needs. This unit offers a low-temperature wax pen meaning that the flavor of your concentrates will be preserved, but exhaled vapor will be less visible. This is great for those looking for discreet sessions and tasting their extract's full flavor.

Yocan evolve 2.0

It is one of the best vape pens for versatile vapers. You can vape concentrates, vape juices, and oils. Although it has many features, it is still portable enough to be comfortably used outdoors without drawing too much attention. Yocan evolve 2.0 has a 650mAh battery making it ideal for moderately heavy vapers.

It has three refillable pods color-coded with white being for e-juices, green for oils, and the black ones are for waxes. Even with a detachable pod, the pen is still small enough to enable you to be discreet as you enjoy your wax. It has a ceramic atomizer that ensures you get the best dab.

The Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen

is a highly flexible wax pen that is small, discreet, and can fit in the palm of a handThe Sol E-Nector Wax Pen has a two-in-one function that allows the vaper to use it as a nectar collector or as a dabbing pen. In the device are a quartz atomizer and a ceramic coil that can be replaced whenever it burns out.

The device runs on a 400 mAh battery that takes two to three hours to charge. It is charged via a micro USB charging port. Once charged, it takes two to three seconds for it to heat up.

How to use your wax vaporizer

The following are the steps to follow when using a wax pen: –

  • Remove the cap to enable you to access the coils on which you will put the wax.

  • Scoop some wax using the dab tool; a dab tool usually comes as part of the dab kit, including the pen.
  • Put the wax into the oven chamber.
  • Please turn on the device and give it time to reach the right temperature.

  • Press the button and hold it as you inhale. Please don’t keep it too long in advance to ensure your vape has the right temperature.