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Getting Your Travel Blog Prepared for Post-Quarantine

Many aspiring writers and students enjoy putting their skills to practice by building and maintaining a blog as a way to get noticed and share their knowledge. Some of the most popular types of blogs are travel-related, but for now, the coronavirus pandemic put a giant kibosh on that! If you were planning to blog on location in Mexico, but ended up having to stay home, here are some ideas of how to write now and after the quarantine rules are lifted.

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Set Up Your Blog

If you're in the beginning stages of creating a blog, finish setting it up now and get accustomed to the format. A blog site can be set up very quickly, but first you need to decide if you want a self-hosted blog or a free version. Generally you have more freedom with the self-hosted variety and the cost is minimal. You'll have your site going within minutes and can begin designing it to your liking. Make sure you have a long list of article ideas in mind to get you started. After you have a few pieces published, promote yourself on social media for more exposure.

Combine With Studies

Since bloggers love writing informational articles and explaining things in a comprehensive way, you may want to consider getting an online masters degree in literacy while honing your skills blogging. You can write and study online from anywhere, even during your trip to Mexico. As a matter of fact, a career in literacy often helps people who are native to another language understand things better in English, so traveling to a Spanish speaking country can really further your career.

Blog From Where You Are

If you're anxious to start writing about Mexico even though you can't get there yet, use this time to your advantage. Formulate a list of places you plan on visiting and take notes on what you hope to discover. What you can blog about now are anticipatory articles. Create pieces about why you want to travel to Mexico, what you hope to see and even misconceptions you want to debunk. There are plenty of articles you could write from the comfort of your home.

Travel After Quarantine

Once the quarantine is lifted, have a plan in place for how you're getting to Mexico. First, ask around and find out if your school has a travel program. Then, you'll need to prepare for all the new travel rules, so research what you can and cannot do. Having your itinerary mapped out is also a must, but sometimes things change. Have a back-up plan in case your plans fall through.

Learn the Language

While you're traveling throughout Mexico, you'll have the opportunity to learn some Spanish. Use this time at home now to study-up on the language. You may want to conduct interviews while abroad and knowing the local language will make you very well-received. These skills would also come in useful for a career in literacy, as many people you would help would be English learners.

Take Proper Equipment

When you embark on your journey at last, be sure you know what to take. You can usually get away with minimal equipment for blogging such as a laptop, camera, tripod and even a notebook to write down ideas when inspiration strikes. You'll also need a good internet connection and that can vary by location. Be sure to look into international phone plans, or buy a Mexican SIM card now or at the airport, so you'll never find yourself without phone service.

Formulate Your Plan

This is a great time to think about how to merge your love of blogging and travel with a career where you can help countless people learn and understand the English language. Hopefully the travel quarantines will be eased soon and you can think about setting off. In the meantime, start formulating your plan for blog articles and studies that you can begin now from home.