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How to Prepare Your House When You're Going Away

If you're going on an extended trip, whether this is for work or for pleasure then you need to take measures to secure your home. Create a checklist to go through to make sure that all of the important things are taken care of. Knowing your home is safe will let you relax and focus on your trip.

Lawn Care

If you are leaving your home during the summer, then you need to have an arrangement with a lawn service like Lawn Care Augusta GA to trim and weed your lawn while you are away.

Don't let your yard become overgrown. That can take a long time to rectify and possibly damage your lush green yard. This is a simple step but will allow you to come home to a neat and tidy looking yard.

Clean Your Home and Refrigerator

Clean your home and get rid of any perishable food before you leave. The last thing you are going to want to do after a long, extended trip is come home to a dirty house.

Make the time to take care of this chore in advance. Wash and put away any laundry and also check and empty all of your trash cans.

Organize Mail Pickup

Another thing that you need to do is make arrangements to have your mail collected or held at the Post Office until you return. You can ask a family or friend to come and collect your mail every day or so, or you can simply contact your Post Office to let them know the dates that you will be out of town so they stop delivery until you come home. This will prevent an overflowing mailbox or misplaced mail.

Timed Lights

Put a few lights on different timers in your home for when you are gone. Having lights on timers gives the appearance that someone is in the house which will deter thieves. Set up several different lights that turn on and off at different times, and in various areas of the house, to make it look natural.

Prepay Bills

Make arrangements to have your bills paid before you leave. Prepay your bills or set up auto-pay for a short time if you have this option available. The last thing you want to worry about on your trip is whether you have bills due and trying to remember which ones have been paid.

Take care of this chore in advance to eliminate the anxiety of uncertainty and also prevent any bills from becoming past due. Late fees can be costly and quickly add up. Missed payments can even affect your credit report if left for too long. It's best to avoid this situation altogether and make prior arrangements.

Turn Off the Water

If you plan to be gone for an extended amount of time, then you may want to consider turning off your water source. Turning off your water will prevent any damage from unexpected leaks or cracks in the pipes.

Sometimes, neighborhood utility companies must perform work that requires the water to be shut off. If you are not home to get the notice to do so, it may cause problems. Turning off your water is a simple preventative action that can avoid the need for costly repairs.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Another thing to do before you leave on your trip is to adjust your thermostat. If you are going away during the colder months, you don't want to waste money and fuel by having your furnace working to heat an empty home. Turn your heat down to a lower temperature before your head out the door. Just be sure to keep it an appropriate level to avoid any frozen pipes which could have you coming home to a costly mess.

Taking the time to adequately prepare your home will let you relax and enjoy your trip knowing that all is well, and your house is secure and awaiting your return.