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How to save money on

If you are a frequent traveler who uses you are probably eligible to use their discount program. If you are not user of and you travel frequently it makes sense to consider the option to sign up on their platform because most probably in short amount of time you will become qualified for their discounts.

At the moment has two levels of the discount program: Genius 1 and Genius 2. According each of them entails the following:

Genius 1:

  • Free lifetime membership
  • 10% discount at select properties

Genius 2:

  • Free lifetime membership
  • 10% and 15% discounts at select properties
  • Free breakfast at select options
  • Free room upgrade on select options

This is how it looks on their website:

User submitted photo of United States of America

According to qualify for Genius 1 you will have to complete two stays within two years, and complete five stays within two years to unlock Genius 2.

You should also be aware that the discounts that you would get apply for select properties. Sometimes you may desire a property that fits well with your desired accommodation preferences, but the discount is not applicable. Anyway, in some cases you may get a good match, so you may try it.

Regardless of the platform that you use for your travel booking, if you have a trouble where to store your luggage before check-in and after check-out hours, you may consider storage locations in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Quebec City, and other cities.