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Seeing America from Coast to Coast

Seeing America from coast to coast is a great way to study the unique topography of our continent. From the broad delta of the Mississippi to the jagged mountains of Wyoming, America has a lot to offer those who don't want to rush the experience.

Take the Train

Train travel across the United States can get you a detailed look at some of the most amazing sights you'll ever enjoy. Like the mountains? Take the Amtrak Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago in the summer and enjoy the beauty of the northern Rocky Mountains; take the California Zephyr and see Winter Park and Salt Lake City.

Points east are also remarkable. Make a stop in Chicago and get some deep dish, then hop back on the Cardinal and enjoy the sights on the southern shore of Lake Erie before crossing Pennsylvania and ending your journey in New York City.

Ride the Bus

Greyhound is the largest service for those looking to see the United States by bus. There will be several stops, but for budget travelers who aren't in a rush, travel by bus can be both fun and frugal. Most bus lines encourage you to bring food and drink, though many stops offer a café with standard fast food at major stops.

Drive Your Car

If your car is in good repair and you love to drive, get on the road with a map, a cooler and a goal! While car travel can be quick, you can also set your GPS to avoid highways so you can take the slow, scenic route. Make sure to follow the speed limit in these areas and keep an eye out for rural vehicles, such as farm implements. For those whose budget is very tight, consider adding an advertisement to your car and getting paid as you travel.

Drive a Bus

If you can get your Commercial Driver's License, or CDL, you can travel the country and get paid to do so. For tour bus drivers who know a region, you can boost your income by presenting information on the region you're traveling through.

It's important to note that there are companies that will pay you to get your CDL and train you while you work for them. You will likely need to agree to stay there for a time, or face a payroll deduction, but you can avoid the large up-front investment for your CDL training and earn money while you learn.

Deliver RV's

Once you have your CDL, you can get a job delivering RV's from the factory to the dealer that is going to sell the unit. Many RV delivery drivers have a home base in the area near the manufacturing facility and drive the RV to the new destination while towing their own vehicle. Stop in RV parks on your way to the delivery site and use your vehicle to check out the region.

Deliver New Cars to Different Dealerships

If you love that new car smell, you can find work as a delivery driver for new cars from dealership to dealership. For those who embrace a minimal lifestyle and don't mind living out of a suitcase, the ability to deliver new cars from city to city is a great way to see the country, make money, and enjoy extremely secure transportation.

Haul Materials

The United States runs on freight. Once you have your CDL, access to trucking jobs means that you can live on the road. Yes, you will have deadlines to hit, paperwork to complete and a job to do, but your driving time will be limited by law and you will have to take a break. A truck with a sleeper cab means you can find a rest stop or a truck stop, pull over and get some rest.

The American highway system makes travel from large city to large city easy, and GPS makes it easy to get off the major roads and see the unique features of each area. Whether vacationing, working or both, there are many ways to see the country.