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Tips for Planning the Best Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, and so many people are already planning their summer vacations. This is the moment one spends all year waiting for, and that’s because it offers people a chance to get outside of their normal routine or even their comfort zone in order to experience new things, or at least unusual things. Planning a vacation, however, can present a number of logistical problems that need to be tackled in order to make your trip the best that it can be. Here are some things to consider.


The core component of travel is, naturally, the means of transportation involved in getting you to your destination and getting you from place to place once you've arrived. Flights are probably the best way to travel long distances, but flying can prove expensive. If your destination is closer, there are more affordable options, although they require more effort. Public transportation is a reliable option, but many dislike just how public it can be. Recent developments in transportation monitoring offer additional security and may assuage those who are averse to riding buses, however and improve safety overall. Road trips are a time honored method of travel, but road trips are about the journey, as they say, and tend to be the most work in terms of getting to your destination.

Once you’ve arrived, transportation remains an important calculation to deal with. Having flown to your destination, you’ll be without your car, meaning that public transportation is now a necessity, while going all in with public transportation presents no real change after arrival. The road trip option requires the most work, but it does offer your own private vehicle once you’ve arrived. Rental cars provide a similar experience to those who have arrived via flight or public transportation, which is potentially the best of both worlds.


With transportation squared away, there’s still the question of where you will stay. Starting with the road trip model of travel, you’ll find yourself needing to pay for motels along the way in order to keep yourself wide awake while driving, but motels are at least more affordable than hotels, and they are typically roadside affairs. However, riding a bus or taking a flight offer the ability to sleep in transit, which isn’t ideal, but there is no added cost. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need a place to stay, and your options will be a hotel or a motel. Motels, again, are more affordable, but they are more sparing with luxuries. Hotels are luxury in spades, but you’ll pay extra for it. When choosing to stay in a hotel, this is a decision to be made well in advance, as a reservation will likely be necessary during vacation season. Road trippers, on the other hand, are often spending more total nights renting rooms, and a hotel will likely be outside of the realm of possibility.


Planning your vacation itself is a crucial part of the equation people often overlook. Because the vacation is supposed to be a break from responsibility and schedules, it can be counterintuitive to spend time calculating the logistics of your trip. However, making an itinerary has been shown to improve the quality of a vacation drastically. Meting out your time in advance and keeping to a schedule allows you to make sure you get to visit all the locations that you want to and ensure that each of those locations will get the attention they deserve. There’s little that can ruin a vacation quite like stressing about time or missing out on things due to poor planning, so creating restrictions for yourself, ironically, offers you more freedom.

Planning a vacation is a necessary evil. While the romantic option is to just leave without preparing and not look back, this is reckless, and it often results in disaster. On the other hand, making these calculations guarantees the best results by removing stressors like looking for a hotel with a vacancy at the last minute. While it might seem like rigorous planning might kill the magic of a vacation, it actually serves to bolster it.