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Tips to Stay Safe While Driving

Are you planning to drive for a night out on the town? Do you have a long trip in the future? Regardless of why you will be on the road, it is imperative that you use caution to keep yourself and others safe.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Buckling up is not just practical advice – it’s the law. One of the easiest ways to prevent a severe or even fatal injury during a car accident is by wearing your seatbelt. There have been virtually endless slow-motion crash tests and PSAs about what happens if you fail to buckle up. Just taking a few seconds to fasten the seat belt can help you stay safe if you are in an accident.

Never Drink and Drive

One of the most common causes of accidents is drinking and driving. The number of cases that occur across the country every year continues to rise. The best way to avoid this situation is by never drinking and driving. However, if you are in a situation where you are arrested for DUI, hiring a phoenix aggravated DUI attorney is a smart move.

Avoid Driving Tired

While it may not seem like a big deal to just “rest” your eyes while you are driving down a long or straight part of the highway after a long day, it is crucial that you keep your eyes where they should be – on the road. Falling asleep while driving is one of the most common causes (besides drinking and driving) for car accidents. It is estimated that one out of every 20 drivers has fallen asleep behind the wheel.

If you begin to feel sleepy while you are driving, try to open the windows or turn up the volume on your radio. If this doesn’t help, find somewhere you can pull over.

Observe the Right of Way

If four cars arrive at a four-way stop at the same time, you may wonder which one can go first. Do you know how to tell? Make sure you remember the traffic laws, and if you don’t know something – look it up before getting behind the wheel. Don’t put your safety or someone else’s at risk because you don’t know the rules of the road.

Check Your Mirrors

If you change lanes blind, you are putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation. This is especially true if you are traveling at high speeds. There is nothing more frightening or startling than a horn behind you because you almost caused an accident. Before starting the car, be sure that all of your mirrors are properly adjusted for superior visibility. If you have to change lanes or merge, be sure you can see the entire vehicle behind you. This will help you avoid a potentially deadly accident.

Use Your Signals

Like checking your mirrors, you need to make sure that you signal to other people on the road you are going to move from one lane to another. By turning your blinker on about five seconds before you change lanes will give other people a chance to adjust their position and speed and ensure that a collision does not occur.

Keep Your Car Properly Maintained

While annual inspections may be annoying to keep up with, they are absolutely necessary. With an inspection and tune-up, you can feel confident your vehicle is safe to take on the road. You can also have confidence that if you are involved in an accident, it has safeguards in place to protect you. Usually, a tune-up and inspection will be affordably priced, so there is no reason to avoid scheduling this each year.

Staying Safe on the Road

While driving comes with some unavoidable issues, there are steps you can take to remain safe while you are on the road. Be sure to keep this in mind to help you avoid an accident and avoid hurting yourself or someone else. By using the information here, you will be on your way to driving safely.