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Baggage Policies of AA Reservations



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What are the baggage policies of American Airlines?

What are the baggage policies of American Airlines?

Many airlines provide good services to travellers and passengers which is well known for their baggage and other policies but everyone wants to choose the best for himself. according to their requirement. When it comes to American Airlines, it rated as three stars according to its services and facilities by the reviews of travellers and passengers that have been already experienced journeys from American airlines. American airlines are very popular among native and none -native Americans to reserve both domestic International flights. Many travellers will choose American Airlines for reaching their destinations.

To the frequent travellers, the baggage policy is clearly understandable but for first-time passengers, the baggage policy is defined on their ticket and also it is clearly explained by the staff when you go for onboarding. the baggage policy of American airlines two kinds of baggage that passengers can carry which is explained below-

Carry on baggage - This includes a purse, wallet or a small bag that you have to carry as routine. But the dimension should be under 22 x 14x 9 inches or 56x36x23cm so, the carry on baggage must be fit in these dimensions and the number of carrying on baggage can't exceed one.

Checked baggage - this includes any kind of baggage that you want to carry to your favourite destination. It can be bags, clothes, or any personal item. The first checked baggage is free for business and premium class but it will be charged from the second one. The dimensions for checked baggage are 158cm and 23kg in weight. These dimensions are strictly followed at the airport so, carefully note dimensions before onboarding the flight.

Carry musical instruments - the baggage allowance for musical instruments is dependent upon the instrument you are carrying. To be explained if you are carrying a flute or any small instrument then it can be counted as carrying on baggage while a big musical instrument like drums, violin, the guitar is considered as checked baggage so, a particular charge will be added.

Carrying a pet - AA Reservations always take care of the emotions and feelings of passengers and travellers towards their pet like dog, cat, rat or rabbit. So, for that they allowed you to carry a container, some food and a particular fee is charged for carrying them.

In this way, American airlines to the explained policy of baggage allowance in flights so, it can't be misunderstood by some of the passengers and will not any inconvenience.