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Uruguay bus guide

Traveling by bus in Uruguay is pretty simple

  • If you're traveling from Montevideo you'll board your bus at Tres Cruces international bus terminal. All buses (regional, national and international buses) leave and arrive in Montevideo via this bus terminal.

How to book buses online in Montevideo

  • The Tres Cruces website has all info on bus schedules, prices and you can buy bus tickets on their website.
  • Tip: The website is in both English and Spanish and is pretty much the easiest way to book a bus for people who speak English only if you get bus tickets at the bus terminal it's possible you'll find attendants who don't understand English( happened to me the first time)

Tres Cruces bus terminal

  • I liked the terminal since you can find pretty much everything you need within the two-story complex: bus ticket counters, hotels, ATMs, a currency exchange center and shops.

Opening and closing hours

  • The main floor ( has ticket counters, the currency exchange center and McDonald's) is open throughout
  • On the first floor, most stalls open from around 9 am to midnight.

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