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What to do in Uruguay?

A trip to Uruguay should be something all travelers and backpackers to Latin America put on their bucket list as today it has one of the most prosperous and stable economies in all of South America.

And I must admit it is a very progressive nation - having legalized abortion, gay marriage, and personal cannabis use.

And from it’s the stunning cool capital city to its virgin beaches and traditional small villages, it has plenty to offer.

Colonia del Sacramento

A wonderful Colonia del Sacramento should be on your points of interest.

This remarkable little town, just on the Rio de la Plata, is the oldest city in the country and hosts some truly unique sights.

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Hike in Minas

The closest thing to a mountain in Uruguay is Cerro Arequita in Minas, about a two-hour drive from Montevideo. Wonderful hike through the hill’s mythical Ombú wood, or head underground to spot millions of bats in the Cretaceous-age Gruta Colón or Columbus Cave.

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Capo Polono

Cabo Polono is a village located on the Eastern coast of Uruguay in Rocha. It’s a settlement of around 100 people in a National Park, right on the tip of a cape.

It’s a charming place to visit and quite bohemian. It’s popular with travelers and worth visiting as a day trip or an overnight stay.

There are no roads, and you have to reach it through a 7km sand dunes.

The town is decorated with lots, of interesting street art.

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Barra de Valizas

An alternative to a wilder stay in Cabo Polonio, the small beach hamlet of Barra de Valizas is a little more developed. By that I mean it was electricity and wifi as standard.

But just because it has street lights, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got a very rustic feel to it. Still expect dirt roads, wooden beach shacks, and a bohemian vibe.

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Punta del Diablo

An absolutely delightful tourist trap that takes you into the ‘real’ Uruguay.

It is an old-school Uruguayan beach town.

No doubt why the town’s population can increase by as much as 30x in the summer.

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Dayman Hot Springs

If you’re looking for the more unusual things to do in Uruguay take a road to the Dayman Hot Springs in Salto.

Although the Termas springs can be hard to reach as the public transport is hard to manage. But look for the bus that goes to Termas Del Dayman, from Salto. You can find it in the bus central.

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San Gregorio de Polanco

If you want to experience Uruguay away from the touristic beach areas, this humble city is a tiny treasure.

It’s got a decent ancient village feel, that in some parts feel frozen in time.

It is located on the edge of the huge Rincón del Bonete lake.

The beaches are really beautiful and the water is crystal clear, great for swimming or kayaking.

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Uruguay’s equivalent of Provence in France or Tuscany in Italy, this charming and rustic part of Uruguay is circled by grapevines.

And if you love horseback rides or bicycle rides, and wine- this is a place for you.

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Santa Teresa National Park

The abundance of the place is easy to notice, with a marvelous combination of shores and woods.

It’s an excellent place for camping, too. With some wonderful bungalow houses up for rent, too, you can easily find accommodation when staying here.

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Montevideo Port market

While the capital city is a truly unique spot to spend your time, the bounty of the port market is a 100% must-see.

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Get naked at Playa Chihuahua

While Uruguay might not have the white sands and high palms as Brazil, it does share the same sunshine. If you’re into a full-body tan, go to the country’s popular nudist beach, Playa Chihuahua.

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