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How to get into town center from Ushuaia Airport

  • Ushuaia Airport is located very close to the town center, just 5-6km away (3-4 miles, 10-15 minutes by car). The airport is small, but it's the main way for visitors to travel to Ushuaia. It's technically an international airport, but the vast majority of the flights are to/from Buenos Aires

  • There are two main ways to get into town from the airport: taxi and private transfer:
  1. Taxi: this is the cheapest and most common for visitors to get in. There are lots of taxis available at the airport throughout all hours of the day. A one-way fare to town is USD$4-$6 per car so it's quite cheap. Payment for the taxi is by cash only, and only Argentinian peso is accepted (USDs are not accepted). Credit cards are also not accepted for payment. You don't need to tip the driver, but it's customary in Argentina to round up the fare to the nearest 20 pesos. There are currency exchanges at the airport but the rate is based on the terrible official rate instead of the much more realistic "Blue Dollar" rate. It's best if you exchange money in Buenos Aires (more details here). After you've gathered your luggage, you will find the taxi stand where you can get a car. Ushuaia is a small touristy town and the taxis are very safe, so there aren't any scams or dangers you have to worry about taking the taxi at any time of the day
  2. Airport transfer: you can book shared or private transfers from/to the airport to town beforehand, most commonly through various online websites. The reason to use this option instead of taxis is if you want to pay by credit card, you want to avoid having to find a taxi, or if you have a large group and therefore need a larger car. Shared transfers cost USD$10-$15 per person one way (USD$20-$23 roundtrip), private transfers has a much larger price range depending on where you book and the operator, but from what I've seen it's USD$15-$45 per car for a sedan each way and USD$60-$200 for an entire minivan. For these transfer it's best to book ahead of time; you can do so at lots of websites like Viator, GetYourGuide, Civitatis, Argentina4U, DayTours4U, etc. On these sites you need to go to the page for Ushuaia. If you don't want to go through a website, you can ask your hotel to reserve a transfer for you. However, this usually costs more than if you book yourself, but the nice thing is that you usually pay for this cost together with your hotel bill, saving you some hassle. If you're going to Ushuaia to take a cruise, your cruise line may also provide airport transfers. I'm less familiar with this so it's best to check directly
  • Besides the two methods I listed above, it's also possible, although rare, to walk. It's about a 60-70 minute walk from the airport to Ushuaia town center, and the road to town has well-paved sidewalks the entire way. The scenery to town is quite stunning so if you don't have lots of luggage this is an adventurous thing to do. Also there are no shuttle buses from/to town as far as I know