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Submitted on Nov 25, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to get to Vang Vieng from Vientiane

Best way to get to Vang Vieng from Vientiane

Vang Vieng is a riverside town in Central Laos. The town has been known as wonderful destination for outdoor activities as mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, caving, swimming and rock climbing.

The town doesn't have more than three streets and a bus station, but it's the marvelous scenery of river and rock formations surrounding this place that will keep you dreaming of Laos long after.

How to get there

  1. By bus

Tickets for tourist buses and minivans can be bought at almost every hotel and should include transport to the bus station.

  • Buses from Vientiane to Vang Vieng cost about 50,000 kip (£6, €7, $8) and leave from the Northern Bus Station.
  • Minivans leave Vientiane all day and cost about 35,000-60,000 kip and leave from the Northern Bus Station.
  • The Express VIP bus to Vientiane costs 70,000 kip
  • Slower local buses to Vientiane without air conditioning, run in the early morning (5am-10am) and will cost you about 40,000 kip for a 5h ride.
  • The Northern Bus Station can be reached from the city by taking the Bus Nr8, which can be stopped down along its route or at the Central Bus Station, downtown. The number 8 bus cost 5,000 kip

2.By Taxi

Taxi from Vientiane airport to Vang Vieng costs 120$, for which one you should buy a taxi ticket. It will take 3h without traffic to get there

3.By Rental car

AVIS and some local companies have their offices located in Vientiane downtown.

If you'd like to make the scenic drive independently and be able to stop and take in the scenery, consider this as good option - starting form 50$ per day

I would suggest to get local bus or minivan, or rent a car, if you are planing to travel across the country for a while.

>>>>Of course as in all the Asia - you can rent a scooter or motorbike for 10$ per day if you wish.

Where to Stay

  • Bee Bee Guest House
  • Central Backpackers
  • The Elephant Crossing Hotel
  • Nam Song Garden

Don't miss to visit those places

  • Padeng Cave and Ring Cave
  • Tham Poukham (Blue Lagoon)
  • Xang Cave
  • Nang Oua Kham Cave