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Best beaches in Venezuela

Venezuela has the longest Caribbean coastline in America,

which is attracting tourists every year, with its fine sand, pleasant temperatures, and transparent waters.

The Venezuelan shores are famous on the planet.

Cayo de Agua

Cayo de Agua, in the Los Roques Archipelago, ranked fourth on the world's best beach ranking.

The secret treasure of Venezuela, the beach of Cayo de Agua, is a paradise for travelers. The cloudless sky is perfectly reflected in the clear Caribbean water.

Located off the coast of Venezuela, Cayo de Agua is unknown to travelers outside the South American country. This island is calm. It is almost unbelievable that a beach with such white sand and blue waters of another world can not be touched by tourism.

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Madrisqui is located on the Isla El Gran Roque and is known for its softest white sands you'll ever see in your life. The sand here could almost be confused for sugar, it's so fine and dusty.

The waves are very soft here and the waters off the shore are shallow, making it perfect for kids to play around and making this one of the best family beaches in Venezuela.

The local area has some good bars and restaurants, so you can easily spend a full day here.

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Isla El Faro

If you are close to the charming port town Puerto la Cruz, Isla El Faro will be the beaches for you.

This golden sand beach is carefully protected by the curved dunes of the coastline. It's calm, warm waters are excellent for people of all ages to paddle, chill, and swim.

The beach is fitted out with plenty of umbrellas and shady spots, with some good restaurants nearby too.

The local neighborhood also has some scenic hiking and climbing tracks, so there’s a lot to do in this part of Venezuela.

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Playa Medina

This is a land with bronze sand and ripe coconuts, Playa Medina will make you feel happily lost on the beach.

This beach is narrow with its charm and its astounding beauty. Located in a small bay, this crescent-shaped beach is remote and intact from the outside world.

Playa Medina is located in the state of Sucre, in the northeastern region of Venezuela.

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Playa Punta Arenas – Margarita Island

Located on the Southwestern tip of the Macanao peninsula on Margarita Island, Playa Punta Arenas is actually formed by two different beaches, side by side.

This Venezuela paradise has excellent waters for swimming and also has decent sized waves for bodysurfing.

Punta Arenas is one hour away from Porlamar.

Make sure to stay until sunset when the sun makes its grand appearance over the gleaming waters.

Also, there are jeep safari tours that stop on this beach, if you’re thinking you’d like to just pass through and not stay for a long time.

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El Yaque

One of the best Venezuela resorts, El Yaque beach, is only five minutes away from Margarita Airport and is one of the top kitesurfing and water sports destinations in the world.

This beach is divided into two- an Eastern beach is great for families with children (it has no waves, and is very tranquil), and the opposing one that’s great for adults and for those that might want to catch some waves.

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Cayo Sombrero

Once in Cayo Sombrero in the Morrocoy National Park, you will find it hard to believe your own eyes.

It is one of the most famous beaches. it has two large beaches with palm trees that grow over the sea.

Even camping is allowed here during the night.

Small restaurants serve fresh and delicious regional seafood.

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Noronky Beach

Noronky Beach is one of the best-kept secrets in Venezuela. With remarkable coral reefs near the coast, full of fish, cerulean, undulating waves, this beach is paradise at its best. But the best of all is that it is likely that they are the only humans' insight

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Isla Tortuga

It is located in the South of the Caribbean, about 180 kilometers from Caracas. It has been formed by reefs, endless white sand, coconut palms, and is simply one of the best beaches in the country.

Tropical and hot weather, white sand, clear blue skies. What else you need?

The calm waters are ideal for practically any type of water sport here.

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Playa Colorada, Mochima National Park

Located between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana, Playa Colorada can be found in Mochima National Park and remains practically untouched.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Venezuela!

Crystal clear waters with colorful reefs under, and many more close islands offshore.

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This beach is located 80 kilometers west of Caracas and offers a pleasing break from the hectic city life. The beach is called Playa Grande, but is often known as Choroní beach because of the close colonial town of the same name.

This tropical paradise is one of the best in Venezuela.

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