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Submitted on Mar 31, 2020 Useful Info

Is it safe to travel to Venezuela?

Venezuela is a difficult place to travel right now and planning a trip there is a bad idea.

Because of safety matters, no one recommends traveling there now.

  • Venezuela has a basic lack of services for the people, also food, healthcare, and personal security.

Venezuela is, no doubt, one of the most dangerous countries in South America.

  • The only way anyone would recommend visiting is if you book tours and plan your trip with a Venezuela-based travel agency in advance.

Crime types

Airport Safety

Corruption at Maiquetia Airport, the international airport serving capital city. Theft and muggings, as well as drug trafficking and the forged currency, are well-known acts of crime there.

Some of these crimes are committed by people wearing official uniforms. So be aware.

The road between Maiquetia Airport and Caracas is known to be particularly dangerous. Be sure to arrive and leave only by day.

Express Kidnapping

Victims are usually random people and held while mobsters force them to empty their bank accounts. It lasts an hour, but it comes with threats and violence.


Carjacking is also a problem by day and at night.

Criminals search for expensive vehicles, especially 4x4s. Armed gangs hook their intended victim's vehicle from behind, in order to rob them.

Resistance to robbery has resulted in victims being shot dead.

ATM Theft

Also, tourists should use ATMs in well-lit public places to avoid being robbed by street gangs.

Drugged drinks

Drink poisoning has also is very common so be careful to not accept food or drink from strangers in bars or restaurants.