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Submitted on Apr 11, 2020 Useful Info

Where to hike in Venezuela?

For travelers looking for adventure and true experiences, Venezuela is an exceptional choice.

Pico Oriental

One of the most recommended hike routes is to Pico Oriental. It takes you from 1,000 meters above sea level to 2,600 in just a few miles. It's a hard hike, but absolutely worth every meter. You can do a circuit, going up from Sabas Nieves and going down to Cachimbo (or another way).

Marvelous view over the city from the top.

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Angels fall hike to Roraima

This massive mountain range has the world’s highest waterfall - Angel’s fall with 979 meters, as well as some of Venezuela’s deepest caves like Ahonda.

Just a trek to its summit is an astonishing adventure back into a prehistoric time in a remote world of caves, gorges, picturesque rivers, sandstones cliffs twisted into the most amazing forms and, on top of all that, incredible fauna and vegetation.

You can book the tour for 2 to14 days.

No matter what you choose it will be an absolutely incredible experience.

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Sabas Nieves Trek

In Avila National Park in the north of Caracas, you can find several popular hiking routes. One of them is the Sabas Nieves Trek. It is a short but steep trek, approx 20 min., from the entrance (Tarzilandia in Northern Altamira) to the Sabas Nieves Park ranger station.

It is safe around there as there are plenty of people around.

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Sierra Nevada National Park, Merida

In Merida, there is a delightful trek to the Laguna Negra or Laguna de Los Patos.

You can start the hike from the Laguna de Mucubaji, which is just of the main road stretching between Barinas and Merida.

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Travesía Mifafi-LaCulata

The landscape in this trek is from another world!

Because it's all high altitude be sure to acclimatize before you take this route.

Also, make sure you have good clothes both for sun and cold weather.

There will be two or three river crossings.

The first checkpoint is the Domo, a kind of giant rock that represents the first big turning on left.

After that, you will reach the 'Alto de Mifafí' and continue to the left in the base of a ridge, with a medium ascent.

Soon the trail turns into several valleys.

Before you start this hike you must register in the Park Ranger house, at Mifafi, just before entering the National Park.

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Hike to Laguna de Yapasqua

Laguna de Yapasqua near Puerto Cabello is a very impressive hiking route.

To get there you need to take a bus from Puerto Cabello to the coast of Yapasqua. It will either drop you off at the beach, or at a junction where you will walk about 2km on a road next to a big semi-dry lake with flamingos on your west.

When you get to the big public beach follow it east, crossing the small river and continue following the beach.

From there the path becomes clear, goes over hills and after an hour or so you come down to the Yapasqua side. If you had an extra day it would be an amazing place to camp.

On the weekdays you will have the whole place to yourself.

Lots of nice hiking around there and more flamingos to see.

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Chuao - Chorreron trek

There is a wonderful hike in the Henri Pittier National Park called Chuao - Chorreron trek. It takes you to approx 1.5h trek to the Chorreron waterfalls from the coastal town of Chuao.

It is only accessible by boat from Choroni.

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