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Main things to do at Victoria Falls

I didn't have time to do most of these when I went, but based on what I've seen there and researched beforehand, these are the main things to do at Vic Falls (many of them are commercial stuff run by private operators)

1. Walk around on foot, view the falls, and take pictures (national parks)

  • This is the main thing to do around here. It's really a spectacular sight to see, especially from the Zimbabwe side.
  • These are done in the 2 national parks: 1 on the Zimbabwe side and 1 on the Zambian side
  • These national parks costs $30 per single entry on the Zimbabwe side and $20 per single entry on the Zambian side. It's totally doable to see both sides in a single day on foot, but you need to have visas to go into the other country and then come back to the original country, which you can buy at the border here with USD cash
  • Outside of the national parks, the view from Lookout Cafe on the Zimbabwe side, and the Victoria Falls Bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia also have great views. You don't necessarily need to cross the border to visit the bridge. You can just tell the border guard that you only want to see the bridge and they'll let you through

2. Get close to the falls (national parks)

  • In the national park on the Zambian side (Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park), some parts of the trail you can get really close to the fall.
  • It's really wet. I got pretty soaked. The park rents poncho but I don't think they do anything. Just bring a water proof bag for your electronics

3. Swimming on the edge of the falls (private operators)

  • These are only possible to do as part of a boat tour to the Livingstone Island (like this one, or just Google "Livingstone Island Tours"). These costs US$100 minimum
  • Also, it's only doable in certain times of the year when the water level is low enough, and these boat tours would include a swim on the edge of the waterfall at 2 spots called Devil's Pool and Angels' Armchair
  • Sadly when I went it wasn't possible to do it. You should probably check with the boat cruise provider and ask them if it's possible ahead of time

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4. Cruises and trains (private operators)

  • I saw cruises of various lengths, themes, and price levels being promoted when I was there, the cheapest one I saw was around US$50
  • There are a lot of operators for these cruises on both Zimbabwe and Zambian sides, and you can just book when you get there (the towns of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side, or Livingstone on the Zambian side). Tripadvisor has a big list of these operators.
  • There's also a train called Royal Livingstone Express that's like a train from the colonial era where you can book a 4-hour dinner tour on
  • Available on the Zambian side
  • Current price is US$189
  • Starts at around 4-5pm where you get picked up from your hotel in the Livingstone area
  • You can just email the official reservation email on the website and they can arrange it for you

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5. Aerial tours (private operators)

  • There are a bunch of helicopter tours. The prices are generally over US$200. The duration is fairly short, like 15-30 minutes. Tripadvisor has a pretty decent listing of them
  • Ultralight and microlight tours is the other popular type of aerial tours. These are tiny aircraft that's little more than a motor attached to gliders. The prices range from ~US$170-$350 for a 15-30 minute tour. You can Google "microflight victoria falls" or "ultralight victoria falls", and see a bunch of operators that offer them. Shearwater, Wild Horizons, and these guys seem to be the main operators. If you plan to do this you should note that you can't bring your own camera, and you need to weight less than 100kg
  • I personally didn't think it's worth it to spend $200-$300 for 15-30 minutes so I didn't do any of these. And I think the view is more spectacular on the ground level anyway

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6. Extreme sports (private operators)

  • Bungee jumping: this is pretty famous. It's a 111-meter jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge that connects Zimbabwe with Zambia.
  • Current cost is US$160, and you should probably book ahead because it's pretty popular
  • It's only run by one company, but you can book with various outlets in Zimbabwe and Zambia. The 2 main established companies that can book the bungee jump is Shearwater and Wild Horizons. But you can also check with your hotel and see if they can help you book it. Regardless of who you book with the price should be $160
  • Gorge swing: an alternative to the bungee jumping, where instead of bouncing up and down you drop and then swing. Wild Horizons offers it for US$95 on the Zimbabwe side. Shearwater offers this for $160 from the bridge
  • Zip lining: Wild Horizons offers it for US$69 on the Zimbabwe side, Shearwater offers this for $45 from the Zambian side
  • Sky diving: I believe these guys are the only ones that do it right now (you should book directly with them with their website), on the Zimbabwe side of the border. Cost is USD$360 for a tandem dive

7. Canoeing and white water rafting (private operators)

  • There are a bunch of tour companies that run these. Tripadvisor has a list of them (this page also includes river cruises so just look for the ones that are rafting or canoeing)

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8. Animals (free, and also privately-run sanctuaries)

  • There are wild monkeys in the area in both Zambia and Zimbabwe. They weren't aggressive or anything, and from what I was told they're mostly scavengers that get food from the throwaways from the hotels in the area
  • Beyond these wild monkeys, there seems to be a lot of privately-run and promoted animal sanctuaries. Elephants were the main thing, but I also saw rhinos, zebra, and giraffes being promoted. Tripadvisor has a listing of these operators. The costs were usually around US$80-$100

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