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Submitted on Jan 10, 2020 Useful Info

How to get to Wat Pho, Bangkok by public transportation

  • Wat Pho, officially known as Wat Phra Chetuphon, is the temple in Bangkok that houses the reclining buddha. It's one of the top tourist attractions in Bangkok and a must-visit place for all first time travelers to Bangkok
  • It's very centrally in the Grand Palace area; it's actually just across the street from the Grand Palace. Here's Wat Pho's location on the map (Google Maps link):

  • Getting to Wat Pho is super easy and cheap by public transportation. From most areas of Bangkok it's best to get to Wat Pho using the metro (which is made up of BTS and MRT trains) including from Silom, Sukhumvit, Siam Square, Lumpini Park, Pratunam, Nana Plaza, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Chinatown, and even the Don Mueang airport
  • Here's how to get to Wat Pho by BTS/MRT:
  • The station closest to Wat Pho is Sanam Chai MRT Station (located here) on the MRT Blue Line. After you get to this station, you can simply walk north for 5-7 minutes to get to the entrances to Wat Pho. Note that Wat Pho has two entrance for visitors; from the MRT station the south entrance is slightly closer. See this map for reference (the green pins are the entrances to Wat Pho and the blue line is the path from the MRT station):

  • Here's how to get to Sanam Chai MRT station from the rest of Bangkok:
  • From central Bangkok (Silom, Sukhumvit, Siam Square, Lumpini Park, Pratunam, Nana Plaza areas): take the BTS train to either
  • Sala Daeng BTS Station (Silom Line) which allows you to transfer onto Silom MRT Station. The two stations are 5-minute walk apart, like this
  • Asok BTS Station (Sukhumvit Line) which allows you to transfer to Sukhumvit MRT Station. The two stations are 4-minute walk apart, like this
  • From Chinatown: Wat Pho is located 2km west of Chinatown. You can either walk there, which takes about 30 minutes, or take the MRT at Wat Mangkon Station on the Blue Line (located here). If you take the MRT it's just 2 stops to get to Sanam Chai Station
  • From the Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can take the Airport Rail Link train to Makkasan Station (located here), where you can transfer to Phetchaburi MRT Station. The two stations are 5-minute walk apart, like this
  • From Don Mueang Airport, you will need to take a taxi or bus A1 to Chatuchak Park MRT Station, which is located at the same place as the Mo Chit BTS Station. The bus calls this stop Mo Chit BTS Station rather than Chatuchat Park MRT Station, so just make sure you get off here. But make sure you go to the MRT station, which is located below ground, rather than the BTS station, which is located overhead
  • Note that BTS and MRT are two different systems; there's no single ticket for both BTS and MRT. So when you transfer from BTS to MRT you need to buy another ticket to get onto the MRT train. You can find the route map and fare calculator on their websites
  • Here's BTS' website: https://www.bts.co.th
  • Here's MRT's website: https://metro.bemplc.co.th/
  • BTS/MRT fare is going to be 30-70 baht ($1-$2USD) to get to Wat Pho from pretty much anywhere in Bangkok. Payment method is cash
  • Here's the metro map of Bangkok that includes the MRT, BTS, and the Airport Rail Link. The red circled station is Sanam Chai MRT Station you need to get to (the light green and dark green lines are BTS lines; the brown line is Airport Rail Link; the blue line is MRT):User submitted photo of Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho)

  • How to get to/from Wat Pho from/to Khao San Road: Khao San Road is located about 2km north of Wat Pho. Because Khao San road is not close to any metro station, from there it's best to take a tuk tuk/taxi, walk or take a boat to Wat Pho. I personally recommend walking or tuk tuk
  • Tuk tuk should cost you no more than 30 baht ($1USD) from Khao San Road to Wat Pho. They don't use meters so be sure to agree to the fare before you hop on. With tuk tuks make sure you ask the driver to take you straigh to Wat Pho and absolutely no shopping
  • Taxi should cost you around 50 baht ($1.7USD). It's probably best to use Grab taxi to avoid any possible scams. But if you flag a taxi on the street make sure they use the meter and also make sure they're not taking you to shops
  • Walking takes about 30 minutes. It's very easy walk (like this) on the sidewalk all the way to Wat Pho. It's pretty hot in Bangkok though so you may not want to do this
  • Boat also takes about 30 minutes if all goes smoothly but you may end up spending more time waiting for the boat. The closest pier to Khao San Road is Phra Arthit (located here) and this is where you need to board the boat. From this pier there you will want to get on the Chao Phraya Express Boat orange-flagged boat or no-flag boat going southbound (each color indicates a route; there are 4 colored-flag routes plus 1 no flag route). Take boat to Tha Tien Pier, located here. Should cost you no more than 30 baht ($1USD). After you get off the boat walk 3 minutes to the north entrance to Wat Pho, like this. For more information on how to take a boat in Bangkok, read this

  • Of course, if you don't want to take public transportation, taxi is always an option from anywhere in Bangkok to Wat Pho. You should expect to pay about 200-300 baht ($6.7-$10USD) from central Bangkok, like Silom, Sukhumvit, Nana, Siam, Pratunam areas