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Submitted on Dec 28, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to the West Lake from Hangzhou train station

The West Lake is adjacent to the main city center area of Hangzhou, so is very accessible from anywhere in the city

From the main railway station (Hangzhou Railway Station)

  • Subway is the best way. Easy, quick, and cheap
  • The subway stop at the railway station is called Chengzhan Station (城站)
  • Take line 1 (red line), which is also the only line here, towards either Linping Station (临平) or Xiasha Jiangbing Station (下沙江滨). Both of these are terminal stations for line 1
  • Get off in at Ding'an Road Station (定安路), which is just 1 stop from the railway station. Or get off at Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥), which is 2 stops from the railway station. Ding'an Road Station is slightly farther from the lake, about 10-minutes walk. Longxiangqiao is very close, just 2 blocks away
  • The subway ride is 10-15 minutes
  • You can also take a public bus, but it'll be slightly more confusing to get on than the subway
  • The good thing about buses vs. the subway is that it loops around the entire lake and can take you all the way to the west side of the Lake, whereas the subway only gets close to the east side of the Lake at 2 stations before turning away. So the buses are a good option to use if you want to start on the west side of the Lake and then walk backwards east towards the city
  • Your two bus options are route Y2 or route 7
  • Both routes start at the main train station, Y2 wraps around the lake along the south shore, 7 wraps around the lake along the north shore, and then both end up at Lingyin Temple in the hills west of the Lake. Both are very cheap at 3RMB
  • You can see the route and stops here for these two routes

From Hangzhou East Railway Station

  • The only good option is to take the subway line 1 (red line). There are 2 subway lines here so make sure you get on the right one. The line you shouldn't take is blue
  • Take line 1 towards Xianghu Station (湘湖)
  • Get off in 6 stops at Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥) or 7 stops at Ding'an Road Station (定安路). Longxiangqiao is closer to the lake just 2 blocks away. Ding'an Road Station is about 10-minute walk from the lake
  • The subway ride will take 20-30 minutes