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Updated on Dec 10, 2018 Useful Info

How to travel from Beijing to Xi'an

  • There are two options to travel from Beijing to Xi'an. First option is by High Speed Rail, second option is by plane. The distance between Beijing and Xi'an is 1,000 kilometers
  • In my opinion it's much better to take the train than plane, because the train is much cheaper and it is not much longer at 4-5 hours vs. 2-3 hours flying (but if you consider the frequent delays and the time spent at the airport, the high speed train is very competitive in terms of speed)
  • There are many high speed trains every day from Beijing to Xi'an everyday, but the four trains I listed below take 4-5 hours (others take 5-7 hours). All the high speed trains leave from Beijing West Station (北京西站) and arrive at Xi'an North Station (西安北站)
  1. G427: 6:20am to 11:06am
  2. G89: 6:53am to 11:24am
  3. G87: 2pm to 6:20pm
  4. G25: 6:55pm to 11:21pm
  • The ticket prices for all these trains are $74 USD for 2nd class, $119 USD for 1st class, and $235 USD for business class. This is much cheaper than minimum $150 USD in airfare
  • To buy tickets for these trains, you can do so at any train station in China up to 30 days in advance. You will need your passport to buy train tickets. I recommend buying tickets in advance to make sure you get a seat. You can also buy tickets online. Many websites in China sell train tickets but the most reliable one is (or for their English-language site, you can use them to check train schedule too they are very good)
  • Both the Beijing West Station and Xi'an North Station are on subway lines so it is easy for you to get into the downtown areas of both cities cheaply and quickly. Beijing West Station is on line 3, and is just 30 minutes from Tian'anmen Square. Xi'an North Station is on line 2, 45 minutes from Zhonglou Station, which is at the very center of Xi'an