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Updated on Jan 02, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Xixi Wetland Park from Hangzhou city center/West Lake area

  • I recommend taking a taxi to Xixi. It's a bit out of town and going by public transportation is not easy
  • A taxi from the city center/West Lake area to Xixi will take about 30-40 minutes and cost 70-90RMB ($10-$13USD), so not terribly expensive
  • If you can't get a regular taxi you can try the Didi app to hail a taxi from your phone
  • Free shuttle option:
  • If you are close to the Leifeng Pagoda, on the southern banks of the West Lake, there's a free daily shuttle going to Xixi
  • It departs every 30 minutes between 9am and 2:30pm. Return shuttle runs between 11am and 5pm everyday. The trip will take about 30-40 minutes each direction
  • In order to take this free shuttle, you need to first purchase the entry ticket to Xixi at the entrance of Leifeng Pagoda
  • Public transportation option:
  • If you're not close to Leifeng Pagoda and wish to take public transportation for cheap (4RMB I believe), there are numerous buses that can get you to Xixi. The most popular one is bus b4, which runs between the East Railway Station to the western suburbs, passing by Xixi
  • From the West Lake area, take subway line 1 (red line) to Wulin Square Station (武林广场). Get out from exit B2
  • Then get to the Wulin Square North bus stop (武林广场北brt), located here, to catch bus b4.
  • From exit B2, you need to walk west for 100 meters, then cross to the northern side of the road via the pedestrian overpass. Then continue the bus stop is just slightly west of the pedestrian overpass.
  • Note that there are 2 bus stops here, you need to get to the bus stop in the middle lane, not the outside lane
  • This bus take 40 minutes. Get off at Huawu bus stop (花坞brt), or might be called Gaozhuang (高庄) station, located here. Walk east for 160 meters, then turn left onto Fudi road and walk for another 100 meters or so until you get to the entrance, located here