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Submitted on Mar 14, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Yongding Tulou Cluter

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  1. train to Longyan first 龙岩市
  2. Go from Lonyan Railway station to Lonyan Bus Terminal
  3. Take bus
  • Longyan -> Yongding: runs from 5:50am - 5:40pm, every 8 minute. Ride time 1.5hr. Cost 20rmb/person

Then you can choose different lines:

  • Yongding -> Xiayang
  • Yongding -> Gaotou Tulou
  • Yongding -> Hukeng (zhencheng tulou is here)
  • to Hukeng 湖坑. Then you will find Zhencheng Tulou

There are many Tulou clutters actually: Zhencheng (the most famous), Chuxi, Yongding, etc. If you want to visit all of them you need multiple days. If you just want to see one then I would recommend Zhencheng, it's the most characteristic one