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Submitted on May 04, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Yuanyang Rice Paddies in Yunan China

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Most people go there from Kunming. Kunming is convenient to get to with trains or flights as it's the capital city of the Yunan Province.

Direct bus Kunming -> Yuanyang

  • Kunming Southern Passenger Station
  • Schedule: 10:20am/12:30pm/7:00pm every day
  • Ticket price is 139 rmb/person,
  • Total ride time: 5-6 hours

Or Bus from Kunming -> Jianshui / Gejiu -> Yuanyang

Once you arrive in Yuanyang, there are mini vans that take people to the gate or inside of the scenic spot, which costs 5-10rmb per person.