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Submitted on Apr 06, 2020 Useful Info

All you need to know about your safety in Zanzibar

The Island of Zanzibar popularly known as "Kisiwa Cha Unguja" is an Island located near Dar es Salaam with Zanzibar City as the main city of the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Main Towns in Zanzibar

  • They include Nungwi, Kiwengwa, Unguja and Paje.
  • If you wish to visit Zanzibar and wondered about your safety in the City, the following brief will give you a 3D Idea of what to expect.

Safety in the City of Zanzibar

  • Zanzibar City is EXTREMELY SAFE for visitors.
  • This is due to the fact that her main source of income has always been tourism and therefore the security of the visitors has always been the TOP PRIORITY.
  • Malicious activities like pirating do occur but their occurrences are maintained by the presence of local authorities in the Island.

Tips for your Safety

ALWAYS watch what you eat or drink

  • If you have a sensitive stomach, then avoiding street foods is NOT an option.
  • The main source of water has always been tap water pipelined from Mainland Tanganyika which is NOT SAFE TO DRINK!

Avoid wearing any valuables while roaming the streets of Zanzibar.

  • It is common sense that anything worth some collosal amount of Tanzanian shillings attracts more than an eye.
  • Instead, buy some affordable African bracelets which are quite pretty and durable.

Respect for local traditions is NEVER an option

  • Being a predominantly Islamic Region, the citizens maintain modest dressing.
  • Avoid walking around in uncovered shoulders and knees since they attracts keen eyes and a frown. The Citizens are very friendly until there moral conduct is compromised.

Avoid Crowded places

  • There are many betting minishops in the streets of Zanzibar which may attract some muggers.

NOTE: Fridays in Zanzibar are always crowded with Muslim believers, it's their main day of worship. Always consider this before making your arrangements.