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Cheapest way to move around Zanzibar-The Zanzibus

  • Zanzibus- previously Zanzibar shuttle is literally the most convenient and one the cheapest tourist transport means in Zanzibar.
  • They operate both taxis amd shuttles, for the taxis they take you wherever you want to go, shuttles have specific routes and specific fares per route. These are the current shuttle routes and fares. There are various pick-up points along every shuttle route. See all pick-up points here.
  • Zanzibus taxi transfers are always about half the price of hotel arranged transfers. Zanzibus taxi transfer cost.
  1. $12- Stone town to/ from the airport
  2. $30- Airport to/from any beach within Zanzibar
  3. $45- Beach to beach transfers.


  • All bookings for both the shuttle and taxi can be done online on their website.