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How to be safe in Zanzibar ( Zanzibar safety tips)

  • I'd say Zanzibar is generally safe but here are some of the health and safety issues to watch out for.

Ferry scams

  • The most common ferry scam is touts selling you fake tickets for the night ferry from Dar es Salaam yet there is no such route, however, there is a ferry that leaves at night from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam.
  • Don't fall asleep on the ferry even if youre in first class since that is how most tourists lose their valuables while riding the ferry.
  • Only bus ferry tickets from the ticket office in both Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, avoid buying them from touts, they may sell you tickets to a ferry or boat that is already full.

Airport scams.

  • It is illegal to carry coral stones and shells from the beach. At Zanzibar airport, a non-airport official may approach you just as you are about to board your plane and claim you carrying shells so that you may pay them. Ignore such people.

Pushy and fake guides.

  • Always consult with your hotel/hostel, avoid going for the guides on the streets.

Health concerns

  • The major health issue in Zanzibar is yellow fever and malaria. For yellow fever, you are generally sorted since you can't get a Tanzanian tourist visa before getting yellow fever vaccination.
  • Be sure to carry antimalarial drugs, repellants or sleep under a treated mosquito net.