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Internet in Zanzibar

  • Get ready to disconnect several times when you're in Zanzibar. Not that there's no internet in Zanzibar, internet is present though not in the way most of us are used to.
  • Don't rely on hotel Wi-Fi, literally every hotel will claim to have good Wi-Fi when you're trying to find accommodation but very few actually have functional Wi-fi.
  • Most US cell phones aren't compatible and won't work in Zanzibar. In case you stay on your home network expect to pay up to $2 per minute as roaming charges.
  • The best option is to travel with an unlocked phone and get a Tanzanian sim card, specifically Zantel sim card when you're in Zanzibar. Other Tanzanian sim cards ( Tigo, Airtel, and Vodacom) still work in Zanzibar but their connection is poor in Zanzibar. Switch to these sim cards when staying in Mainland Tanzania. On the mainland, these sim cards are cheaper than Zantel.
  • Zantel sim cards cost Tzs 1000 ( $0.5). They have several internet packages for you to choose from.
  • Average speed: 5mbps

Where to buy Zantel sim cards

  1. At Zanzibar airport. There are two areas where you can buy sim cards, one just after immigration. There are also several shops outside the airport that sell Zantel sim cards.
  2. At Zantel stores. Use Zantel store locators to find these stores all over Zanzibar. You can also get a phone at Zantel stores in case your phone doesn't work in Zanzibar.
  • You only need your passport to get a sim card.
  • Scam to watch out for: When getting a sim card, don't ask for help from locals. Most people will take advantage and get you a sim card at a cost 10 times more than the normal cost.



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2 Months Ago

Thank you for the comments. I was hesitant to come to Zanzibar but I have my unlocked phone so it sounds like I will be able to work no problem.