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Where to exchange currency in Zanzibar

  • The government just closed all currency exchange bureaus in Zanzibar recently, leaving only ATMs as currency exchange centers.
  • There are a few currency exchange centers inside and just outside the airport that were left open and are still functional to date. : Important if you have to exchange currency at the exchange bureaus at the airport, use the bureaus at the parking lot. They offer better rates.
  • KEY INFO: card must be Visa card or MasterCard. To exchange currency through the ATM in Zanzibar your credit or debit card must have a visa or MasterCard logo.

ATM locations

  • There are a couple of ATMs in stone town, one Barclays ATM in Nungwi and another one in Paje.
  • Withdrawal limit: Tzs 400,000.
  • Most of these ATMs are usually out of cash, your best option in case you need a lot of cash is to exchange currency in Dar es Salaam before connecting to Zanzibar.
  • Alternatively, you can pay using your card at some hotels and car rentals but they charge an extra 5% commission.