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Getting around in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is basically a landlocked country to the south of Africa. It borders South Africa to the south. Due to this, it has three major transport systems:

  1. Air.
  2. Road.
  3. Rail.

Air transport.

  • In Zimbabwe's tourism sector, air transport is a major transport system that is used by tourists to get to the tourist destinations such as National parks.
  • Many tourism agencies will charter a private plane if that is in your budget to be able to move across the country.
  • Flying is a good way of travelling as one gets to fully appreciate and experience the landscape of the country from above.
  • You also do not have to spend long hours on the road to get to your preferred destination.

Road transport.

  • Just like very many countries, road transport is the most widely used transport system in the country.
  • Getting around, you can opt to use public transport systems such as the buses.
  • There is a bus line that is owned by the government. It is however not preferred by the locals due to its poor quality and standards.
  • Most of the people prefer the privately owned bus lines as they seem more reliable.
  • There is no published bus transport route. However buses ply a specific route and asking around, you can get help.
  • Be sure, however, to ask the bus drivers as other people may not give you accurate information.
  • There are also public transport systems such as taxis and Uber in the country.
  • You can get in these if you do not wish to be in the hustle and bustle of the people.
  • Also, private means tend to get you to your destination faster.

Railway transport.

  • There is a railway line that runs across the country from the north to the south as it connects to South Africa.
  • It, however, deals mostly on freight goods rather than passenger transport.
  • This does not mean that people cannot be transported via rail, however, to find the schedule, you have to go to the train station.