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How to survive the currency chaos in Zimbabwe

Recently Zimbabwe has been experiencing currency issues with eight different currencies now declared units of legal tender in the country. These are

  1. US dollar
  2. Zimbabwe dollar
  3. South African Rand
  4. Botswana Pula
  5. Australian dollar
  6. Sterling pound
  7. Euro
  8. Chinese yen

It's very easy to get confused if you're a tourist, here are tips on how to survive this chaotic situation.


  • Despite the numerous currencies US dollar and Zimbabwe dollar are the most common
  • KEY TIP, where possible make all purchases in US dollars rather than Zimbabwe dollar as the Zimbabwe dollar has been experiencing inflation and you purchase an item for almost double the price compared to when you purchase the same item in US dollars.
  • Carry enough hard cash as most ATMs are experiencing a shortage of hard cash. Make sure you have notes of small denominations for ease of purchase.
  • Mastercards and Visa cards are accepted at some outlets. However, don't rely on credit cards.
  • Shop for all items you might need immediately after arrival due to the constant shortages of most items.
  • Book your hotel and tours days before your journey as the prices ate constantly hiking and the more you delay booking the higher the prices you pay.