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Type of Visas in Zimbabwe.

  • Zimbabwe is a beautiful country found in the south of Africa.
  • It is north of South Africa and the two countries share a border.
  • To get into Zimbabwe most countries require the traveller to have a visa before being admitted to the country.
  • There are five types of visas being offered in Zimbabwe:
  1. Holiday Visa.
  2. Transit Visa.
  3. Business Visa.
  4. Conference Visa.
  5. Student Visa.

Holiday visa.

  • This is the type of visa you apply for if the purpose of visiting the country to have a holiday and also have a tourist's visit.
  • It is usually valid for a period of 90 and also can be renewed during your stay.
  • For this visa to be handed out, you have to show your plan for your visit.
  • This can include an itinerary and also hotel reservations and bookings.

Transit visa.

  • This is the type of visa that one gets if they need to pass through the country.
  • One example is those people who are having a road trip and their destination is a country such as South Africa.
  • It is advisable to get a transit visa to avoid harassment from the local authorities.
  • Also, if you have a connecting flight through Zimbabwe and you would like to explore the country as you wai to travel, this is the visa to get.

Business visa.

  • This is the visa to get if you wish to engage in commercial activities during your stay in Zimbabwe.
  • This visa is valid for only 30 days and cannot be extended while in the country.

Conference visa.

  • This is a visa, as the name suggests, one to be obtained if you are attending a conference in the country.
  • Documentation for this meeting is mandatory to be presented and also it must also be signed by the organizers of the meeting.
  • Documentation can include invitation cards.

Student visa.

  • This visa is given to students who have come to Zimbabwe for studying purposes such as attending college.