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Updated on Aug 29, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Agra from New Delhi

  • Best way to get to Agra from New Delhi is by train and it's cheap as hell. There are a lot of trains that run between New Delhi and Agra, but most tourists take one of these 2 trains:
  • Bhopal Shatabdi Express:
  • New Delhi Railway Station -> Agra Cantonment Station: train number - 12002, departure - 6:00am, arrival - 7:57am
  • Agra Cantonment Station -> New Delhi Railway Station: train number - 12001, departure - 8:55pm, arrival - 11:21pm
  • Fare: around 545 INR - 1045 INR depending on which class you book ($8-$16 USD)
  • Gatimaan Express (I took this one):
  • New Delhi Hazra Nizamuddin Station -> Agra Cantonment Station: train number - 12050, departure - 8:10am, arrival - 9:50am
  • Agra Cantonment Station -> New Delhi Hazra Nizamuddin Station: train number - 12049, departure - 5:50pm, arrival - 7:30pm
  • Fare: around 750 INR - 1495 INR depending on class ($10-$20 USD)
  • You can use the official booking site to look up all the trains between these 2 cities
  • Note that trains in India are late very often. My train arrived in Agra 30 minutes later than scheduled. You should expect your train to be late anywhere between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and plan accordingly
  • How to buy the train tickets (in person in Delhi):
  1. I used the official booking site - IRCTC - to look up the train info, availability, and fare info. But much easier to book in person in New Delhi (or major city in India) rather than online
  2. I bought my ticket at the New Delhi at the railway station, at one of the official International Tourist Bureau of the Indian Railway. The bureau is located on the 1st floor (not ground floor) of the west side terminal building (called the Paharganj side / gate building), right here
  3. I bought it as soon as I arrived in New Delhi. I took the metro express line from the airport and got out across the street from the railway station main building. Then I walked across to the Paharganj side terminal building, like this:User submitted photo of AgraUser submitted photo of Agra
  4. Once you crossed to the other side (Paharganj side terminal building), go straight to the main entrance of the terminal building and look up for this red sign:User submitted photo of Agra
  5. Then follow it and other blue signs along the way, go upstairs to the 1st floor (i.e. one level above ground floor). This video does a great job showing you a walk-through to the bureau
  • Scam warning: I got approached by people telling me the office was closed that day. You will be too. This is a well-known scam, don't listen to them. The office is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying and trying to scam you. Also, the office is located INSIDE the terminal building. There are a bunch of shops across the street from the terminal building with signs that look like it. They're fake
  • How to buy tickets online (it's a hassle and I don't recommend it):
  • You can try to book with the official railway booking site IRCTC, but you need an account and the account set up process is extremely convoluted involving email and SMS confirmation, password resets, etc. I did not go through with this but if you want you can follow this tutorial and try your luck
  • There are a number of online travel agencies - Yatra, ClearTrip, MakeMyTrip - where you can book as well, but all of them require you to have an account with the official IRCTC website, meaning that you have to jump through all the IRCTC account setup hoops anyway so there's no advantage